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The birth of Juice Plus+ – Dr. Humbart Santillo

The birth of Juice Plus+® – Dr Humbart SantilloPOSTED BY TEAM JP MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2011 “Before I tell you about the research behind Juice Plus+®, I’d like to tell you the personal story that led to the development of this … Continue reading

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What Is Healthy Living?

With dramatically rising rates of diabetes and obesity, healthy living should become a way of life for more people. Healthy living is about enjoying yourself without risking your health. It’s also about feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally. By staying … Continue reading

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Raw Fruits and Vegetables

If you have ever considered implementing a raw fruits and vegetables diet into your life, the time has never been better than right now. As in todays society a lot of us are blinded and not aware of the types … Continue reading

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