Unhealthy Whole Grain Wheat

Whole grain wheat is unhealthy
Well, when I say that whole grain wheat is unhealthy, it does not mean that other forms of wheat are good. Basically wheat is bad for our health. Wheat has been the main part of our diet for ages. For breakfast we eat toast, pancake and bagel. Lunch we eat hotdogs, hamburgers and sandwiches and for dinner pasta, lasagna or something with wheat. Wheat predates the biblical times and it was nutritious for our body. This is a food for the rich and the poor.  So it is quite a popular grain in the world. We must understand that wheat was a great grain to consume as food in many forms and became a part of our life style. Wheat was great until around the 1950s – 1960s. With the baby boom came the concern for feeding the people as the population was exploding during this time. Wheat was naturally 6 -8 ft high and swayed in the wind and easily got damaged and it fell to the ground which made it hard to harvest mechanically. So, scientists started to work on the project of increasing the production of wheat so that they can feed the baby boomers while keeping it cost effective so that even the poor could have access to food. This was done by mechanizing the harvest. Then came trouble. The original wheat was crossed hundreds of times. Basically the original wheat was genetically altered. Now we have 2 ft high wheat with strong stems to make it easy to harvest with huge machines. Since we modified the wheat totally, now what we have is dangerous for our health. It causes inflammation. Farmers use nitrate as fertilizers to increase the production and that is an inflammatory substance, so, basically there is no nutritious value in wheat anymore. Finally I would like to mention that whole wheat has a very high glycemic index and staying away from wheat is healthy choice for your body.

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