What Do Peaches Do for Your Health?

Peaches are some of the healthiest and most delicious fruits on the planet. Packed with vitamins and minerals, they can bring nutritional heft to a low calorie dessert or a light lunch. These fruits are a perfect summertime snack. Whether you want to lose weight and improve your health, peaches should be part of your diet. These nutritious fruits have only 37 calories per 100 grams, and contain significant amounts of dietary fiver and antioxidants.

Health Benefits of Peaches

Studies have shown that peaches help prevent obesity, diabetes, and heart disease due to their high content of phenolic compounds. These juicy fruits have been used by the Chinese for their numerous health benefits since the 10th century. Regular consumption of peaches improves eyesight, cleanses the body, and prevents free radical damage. Many people eat peaches for their powerful diuretic effect. These fruits are recommended to those with gout and rheumatism.

These sweet flavored fruits are rich in vitamin A and potassium. They are a great source of beat carotene, which helps improve vision and improves circulation. The vitamins in peaches reduce the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Because of their high content of potassium, these fruits cure stomach ulcers and kidney related diseases. The darker the fruit’s color, the more vitamin A it has in its pulp.

A study conducted by the American Chemical Society in Philadelphia has shown that peaches have bioactive compounds that fight metabolic syndrome. The phenolic acids in these fruits (quercetin, catechins, clorogenic acids, and anthocyanins) have anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-obesity properties. They may also reduce bad cholesterol levels and lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Peaches Boost Your Energy and Keep You Healthy

This low calorie fruit is valued for its numerous health benefits. Raw peach juice is a great choice if you want to recharge your body with energy. The fuzzy peach helps prevent and treat obesity, cancer, hypokalemia, neurodegenerative diseases, high cholesterol, and blood stasis syndrome. Peach tea is used by millions of people as a kidney cleanser. Scientists have found that these delicious fruits are highly beneficial to those who suffer from kidney disease, colitis, and digestive problems.

Peaches have anti-aging properties. Add these fruits to your diet to prevent premature aging and improve the overall appearance of your skin. Research suggests that peach juice increases immunity, supports digestive health, and helps maintain normal kidney and liver function. It also regulates blood pressure and strengthens heart muscles.

Doctors recommend pregnant women to drink peach juice daily. The iron and other nutrients in this fruit prevent fatigue and anemia. These fruits also contain phosphorus, which is essential for teeth formation and bone health. This mineral plays a major role in the transmission of nerve impulses and may help reduce certain types of cancer. Peaches are rich in potassium, which promotes kidney health, relieves anxiety and stress, and regulates heart rate.

Peaches are on the list of “The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth.” These fruits are widely available, so you can easily find them at local stores and markets. You can buy fresh peaches in the summer, or frozen peaches all year round. Add them to fruit salads, pies, desserts, jams, cocktails, and charlottes.

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