Digestion and Absorption

What Is The Difference?

Our bodies are pretty amazing machines with precise processes that help us go on living with very little effort on our own part. The system in which we eat food that turns into energy and waste is just another one of those perfect and complex systems. After you ingest any food or drink the process of digestion and absorption takes place next.

Your body needs carbohydrates, fats and proteins in order to function. The process by which the food you eat gets broken down into these necessary biological materials is through digestion and absorption. The body looks for what it needs and discards the rest as waste.


Digestion takes place first, and in fact, absorption cannot take place without digestion. Starting by breaking down food with your teeth inside your mouth, digestion is a long journey. In the process of digestion the food gets broken down from larger molecules to smaller molecules. A combination of mechanical processes and stomach acids help break the food down to the smallest particles possible.


Now that the food is broken down to a more simple form, absorption can take place. Absorption transfers the beneficial molecules into the blood stream this allows all the healthy nutrient get where they need to go inside the body. The blood stream is a perfect delivery system, getting all of the nutrients where they need to go. Proper absorption is essential to making your body function properly.

 Important Differences To Keep In Mind:

  • Digestion starts in the mouth where we first intake the food or liquid, but the absorption process starts inside the stomach.
  • It takes a good deal of energy to digest food while absorption happens with very little energy.
  • Digestion takes place inside the intestinal tract, while absorption happens in the lining of the intestine.
  • The chemical compound of the food is changed during the digestive process only.

To maintain good health it is important to understand the process of digestion and absorption as well has how different nutrients affect the body. It’s easy to understand why healthy foods are important so the body can get the fuel that it needs.

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