Glutathione (GSH) the master antioxidant

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione (GSH) is one of the primary antioxidants created by the human body to aid in the detoxification of pollutants, toxins, carcinogens and other noxious substances and agents in our physical systems.    This naturally produced chemical was once a well kept secret as the body’s ability to maintain health and immune system functionality, but in recent history is quickly making the news in medical journals and online publications for its remarkable benefits and significance to our long-term well being.

 Made from the cells within our bodies, Glutathione enhances our immune system protection capabilities and is considered a tri-peptide which includes three amino acids of cysteine, glycine and glutamic acid.  As we age in years, the chemical tends to deplete within our bodies.  Therefore, increased interest in GSH levels and its relationship and advantages to our physical health have drawn an increasing interest for dietary supplemental aids to help boost the body’s production of GSH back to its appropriate levels.

What is Glutathione and its Effects in the Immune System?

Since the affect of reduced levels of Glutathione are known to weaken the immune system, the medical community has linked these deficiencies to other incurring diseases within the body.  As more knowledge of the implications due to shortages of GSH production become more widely publicized, the concern for a viable supplemental medical enhancement becomes more apparent.   Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, AIDS, cancer and arthritis are all examples of physical afflictions which suffer greater detriment due to a lack of Glutathione.

What is Glutathione and its Effects on Aging?

As stated earlier, Glutathione levels drop sharply and consistently with age; therefore it follows that depreciated concentrations of Glutathione will also lead to ailments and difficulties associated with aging, such as the onset and development of cataracts, Parkinson’s Disease, arteriosclerosis, as well as the physical characteristics associated with getting older.

What is Glutathione and its Effects on Athletic Performance?

Strong muscular activity and extreme exercise leads to the production of oxyradicals within the body.  Oxyradicals tend to make us feel tired and lacking energy which can obviously lead to a decrease in athletic performance.  Glutathione reduces these negative, energy depleting oxyradicals.   So, not only are the elderly feeling the tiresome affects caused by a lack of Glutathione, but athletes need higher levels of this tri-peptide in order to maintain peak physical performance.

Without Glutathione, human beings would cease to exit.  We would die without it.  It is found in every cell within the human body and is a requirement to sustaining life.  This is a major reason why the research in the field of study is so crucial as the largest generation of elderly citizens, the “baby boomer” generation, advances into its retirement years.

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